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1/22/16 - We Now Return to Our Story in Progress

Finally, a new storyline begins: Perfection Dejection! I want to thank all of you for being MORE than patient waiting for the story to start again, and as always, it begins with a Title Card. What could this story be about...? If I told you, where would the fun in that be...?

For those of you who missed my previous announcements, I'm posting Daily Drawings to social media for every day of 2016 (my comic updates count), and if I miss a day, I'll make it up and throw in a bonus drawing! Here's hoping that the nasty weather this weekend doesn't force me into that position, though...! Stay warm everyone!

I also suggest that you look at my previous update to see the fanart that I got from Bear-Nectar (who runs a webcomic called N.O.A.H. ) and the fanart I drew for Tenor (the artist of a comic called Entanglement). As both artists' comics are pretty PG, I'm linking to them on my main page for the time being (I will add them to my Links pages soon enough!).

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