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7/8/16 - Introducing HiveMind!

While I normally save this commentary for social media, I wanted to let people know about today's comic, and a new character, HiveMind. People who have seen my Daily Drawings on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook have already read a lot of commentary on how/why HiveMind was created, but I'm going to give you the "Reader's Digest" version.

The world is a diverse place, but if you read superhero comics, you might not think that. The comic pages are dominated by white guys, and that's a poor reflection on how the real world is. My comic suffers from the same problem, and I'm looking to add diversity to my comic. With this (and many other ideas I've had floating around) in mind, I created HiveMind - a superheroine who's telepathically linked to a swarm of alien bees. She has Vitiligo - the same skin condition that Michael Jackson had, and that model Winnie Marlow has (HiveMind was inspired by the latter) - in which the skin becomes lighter in blotches, most obviously around the eyes, nose, mouth, and hands. The blotches on her face resemble a stripe - meant to suggest that she has embraced her appearance and sees it as a thing of beauty; the "bee stripes" on her dress are an extention of her appearance, rather than a distraction. In my initial design, the stripe pattern continued down her arms, but I changed that; I want real people to look at HiveMind and say, "She looks like me!", and that couldn't happen if I took too many liberties with her design.

While her first appearance is, admittedly, a small part, I had a lot of fun creating her personality and backstory, and I plan on moving her up to secondary character status as soon as possible. I hope that you enjoy getting to know her as much as I enjoyed creating her!

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