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6/2/15 (5/30/15) - Site Returns; Generated Fan Art Contest Winner!


6/2/15 (5/30/15) - The Site's Back Up; Generated Fanart Contest Winner: Melissa!

Some of you may have noticed that my website was down for the last few days, but I finally got it fixed yesterday! Those of you who follow my Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Forum posts already saw the update that was meant for today (Which is why you should totally follow me on those forms of social media!): the winner of the Generated Fanart Contest!

The winner is none other than my wonderful girlfriend, Melissa! Now before you start throwing rotten vegetation at your computer screen and accusing me of showing favoritism, please keep in mind that she was the only one who entered that category, so she won fair and square. B'sides, I respect her too much to just give her a win because she's my girlfriend; were there another entrant, I would ask for a second opinion and not name the entrants so that she got a fair shot without bias. So there. Anyway, she recreated Max (Belt Boy), Dave (Cannon), Tiffany (Titanium Maiden), and Battle Axe Beatrix in The Sims, and so I drew them with some appropriate gags. Man, that cow plant is freaky.

If you missed my update last week, the winner of the Traditional Fan Art category was Matthew Gregory, the artist for the Tumblr webcomic Janine and Candice (Which - due to the comic's adult themes and language - I won't link to on this main page, but I will be adding to my Links pages in the near future). Matthew and comic co-creator Kelsey Heater are apparently big fans of Titanium Maiden (This is the second TM fanart Matthew has drawn... I SERIOUSLY need to update my Fan Art page!). Matthew's prize: choosing the subject of a HoC desktop to be put up on the website!

The runner-up for the Traditional Fan Art Category is a beautiful picture of Enticia by TwigCrown. You should totally check it out!

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