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April Fools 2020 

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3/28/20 - April Fools' Filler and Contest Reminder

It's that time of year again: April Fools' Day!  Every year, Cannon likes to prank other webcomic characters, usually behind the scenes.  This time, he's decided to prank TWO characters: the title characters of Nite Stick and The Adventures of Ms. Rocket!  However, it seems that two pranks may be too many, as his plan may have backfired on him just a bit...  Many thanks to Michael VanSlyke and David Fleming for the use of their characters.  You can check out their comics by clicking the Collective of Heroes link at the top of the page, as well as many other sweet superhero comics like mine!

After winning my 2019 Fan Art contest, MaroonDrops got to choose the subject for my next wallpaper for my Downloads page.  She requested that I do a yearbook page for my heroes-in-training.  It took a while, but here's the students of our main cast, turning an ordinary school picture day into a not-so-ordinary occasion.  There's TWO versions of this one-size-fits-all wallpaper; one regular, and one signed by all our heroes (minus Jackknife, because let's face it - no one wants his signature!).  You can check out both versions on my Downloads page!

Would YOU like to win some art from yours truly?  Then enter my Birthday Fan Art Contest this year!  Check out the full rules and all prizes by clicking the button below:

Birthday Fan Art Contest Rules Button

Speaking of fan art, I'm hoping to make an addition to my Fan Art page soon: specifically the Secret Santa pictures for The Collective of Heroes' annual art exchange.  I've drawn a picture of Cannon with Pinball from The Almighty Protectors as a gift to Ave Messer, and received a picture of Titanium Maiden dressed as Santa from Al Fukalek - the artist behind The Specialists.  You can read both their comics by clicking the button at the top left of the main page here, then selecting their comics - but be aware that not all Collective comics are appropriate for all ages, so consider this your warning if you're a child or otherwise unable to handle material that's more mature than that found on this site.


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